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School Overview

Clinton Prairie Schools are located in Clinton County about five miles southwest of Frankfort, Indiana. Clinton County has approximately 34,000 residents about half of which live in Frankfort; the other half live in smaller towns and rural areas. The Clinton Prairie School Corporation is mostly rural but includes the towns of Mulberry, Colfax, Jefferson, and Antioch.

Clinton County has a variety of employment opportunities. There is a large industrial park on the West Side of Frankfort that is home to several large factories. These factories employ people from Clinton County as well as surrounding counties.

Farming has long been a rich tradition among many of the families who live in Clinton County. The county’s hog and grain production rank among the highest in the state. Some of our state’s best farmland is found in our county.

The Clinton Prairie School Corporation is located about twenty miles southeast of Lafayette. Because of the rapidly growing economic base of Tippecanoe County, the school has experienced statistical gains in social and economic areas.

The elementary school, built in 1984, is connected to Clinton Prairie Junior – Senior High School. It is located on approximately eighty acres which includes all student and physical buildings and athletic fields. The corporation’s administration building is located in the nearby town of Jefferson.

The elementary school benefits by being in close proximity to the secondary school. High school students gain experience while providing assistance to the elementary school staff and students by participating in various programs and for-credit high school classes. Access to various high school facilities such as the science labs, media center, and computer labs provides increased educational opportunities to the elementary staff and students. Both schools share an auditorium, cafeteria, nurse’s clinic, and athletic facilities. This arrangement allows Clinton Prairie Elementary access to a wide range of facilities, resources, and programs that many rural elementary schools do not have.

All elementary students receive instruction in art, information skills, and physical education from highly qualified instructors in those areas. Music is also taught for students in grades 2-6.

The extensive media center is well equipped with print and non-print media. A large and diverse collection of audio-visual and computer equipment is available from the computer department and the media center. The school corporation has access to a large collection of videos and instructional materials through the Learn360 website and Canvas and other online media sources.

The computer lab, one of the first of its kind in Indiana, houses enough networked computers for an entire class. Each classroom in the elementary has at least one networked internet capable computer. Each teacher has been issued a laptop computer to assist in classroom management and instruction. A wireless local area network is available to assist in the exchange of information inside as well as outside the building. A second classroom computer lab has been set-up for usage by the elementary students. In addition to the two labs, we have carts of laptops and tablets that can be used in classrooms as needed throughout the school.

Clinton Prairie Elementary is staffed by a principal, assistant principal, school counselor, thirty-four full time licensed teachers, and nineteen instructional support staff members. The support staff includes the school secretary, treasurer, instructional assistants, Title I staff, computer staff, art instructor, library media assistant, special needs assistants, as well as numerous custodial, maintenance, and cafeteria personnel.

Special education students receive services as indicated by their individual education programs in classrooms in our school and within our special education cooperative. In addition to our three resource rooms, we have a Life Skills classroom to meet the needs of students who are severely disabled. A full-time Speech Language Pathologist works with students who have needs in those areas.

Our high ability students participate in a morning pull-out program for language arts. Classroom teachers differentiate instruction in other content areas, especially math, in which students demonstrate high ability.

A full time licensed nurse divides her time between the elementary and junior- senior high school students. She also is active in instructing students on health related matters.

A full-time licensed school counselor is available to assist students, parents, and teachers with problems arising at home or at school. In addition to providing social/emotional, academic, and college and career support to staff and students, the counselor also teaches classroom guidance classes to focus on topics related to character development, peer relationships, and academic study skills. Small group as well as individual personal counseling takes place on an as needed basis.

Clinton Prairie Elementary School is proud of the many fine programs, services, and facilities provided to our students, staff, and community.
    • Administrative Office

      Clinton Prairie School Corporation
      2390 S. County Road 450 W
      Frankfort, IN 46041
      Voice: (765) 659-1339
      Fax: (765) 659-5305
      Scott Miller, Superintendent

      Jr./Sr. High School

      Clinton Prairie Jr./Sr. High School
      2400 S CR 450 W
      Frankfort, IN 46041
      Voice: (765) 659-3305
      Fax: (765) 659-3205
      Kirsten Clark, Principal
    • Elementary

      Clinton Prairie Elementary School
      2500 S. CR 450 W
      Frankfort, IN 46041
      Voice: (765) 654-4473
      Fax: (765) 659-9560
      Becky Boddicker, Principal

      Our Mission

      The mission of the Clinton Prairie School Corporation is to provide the appropriate educational program and safe learning environment to effectively support the mission statements of the Jr./Sr. High school and Elementary school, enabling our students to achieve their personal best and make a positive contribution to society.
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